Centre Stave Wine Storage Barrel

Our most popular design has a central stave* that separates the doors adding character to the bar. Inside, there are two levels of wine racks which follow the curve of the barrel that hold a total of 18 bottles of wine. The doors have racks for 6 additional botlles of wine. The internal turntable has two levels, the lower platform holds up to 8 bottles of spirit or more wine (your choice) and the upper level is designed to hang 12 wine glasses.

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*Please note that the central stave may vary in width, as each barrel is unique.

About Chilled Oak Wine Storage Barrels

All our designs are made in a 225 litres (59 gallons) oak wine barrel wich external wood surface is treates to a professional wax finish. The dimensions of the barrels without the stainless steel side handles are:

Barrels vary by the cooperage. Size, color and character may slightly very. Poly-urethane finished wood products are not intended for extended wet weather use. All weather outdoor finish available.

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